Governors Island

Go To Grow

The Symptom

Governors Island is a 172-acre island in New York Harbor, located within the borough of Manhattan. The client seeks to reconnect the public to the natural, historic, and vibrant splendor of New York City by providing easy access to an island oasis in New York Harbor.

The Insight

Governors Island is an oasis just a little bit away from the city that recharges you and your relationship with New York.

The Therapy

On Governors Island, people literally look and feel bigger than the city here and feel empowered because the island elevates you and changes your perspective.

The Bigger, The Better

Through Governors Island's experiential activation, users will become as large as New York’s tallest skyscrapers by immersing yourself in virtual reality.

The virtual reality stations with headsets will be set up outside:

Curveball: Joe Biden’s First Visit to NYC as President

Our response: add Trump Tower and Trump International Hotel to the virtual reality destinations, and allow people to become bigger than them.  Utilizing technology that allows you to take images inside of virtual reality, participants can take a picture of themselves bigger than the building to show how we overcame Trump. Invite participants to tag @JoeBiden on social media and use the hashtags: #biggerthantrump and #gotogrow

Shared and Earned Media

The curveball response in our campaign will encourage users to partake in the celebration of President Biden's visit to New York City by sharing their experiences on social media and generate earned media coverage

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