The Symptom

As a brand that ‘gets Brits’, there is one thing Walkers has noticed: British people aren’t great at sharing how they’re feeling. How can Walkers inspire 18-30-year-olds Brits to open up about their feelings in order to improve their mental wellbeings?

The Insight

Snacks keep conversations going: the longer people talk, the deeper they will dive into their real feelings.

The Therapy

Let’s launch a limited edition of Walkers crisps renamed as “Talkers” and designed in the shape of speech bubbles as an invitation for young adults to have an honest conversation about their true feelings.

Get the REAL Conversation Going.

The “Talker” product line will include prompts for various conversation topics and scenarios.

Eat some crisps and dig deeper into your true feelings. Talk about your breakup, new job, quarantine life, insecurity, coming out, and other important life moments.

Talkers Space

Talking about feelings in person can be difficult sometimes.

Grab a bag of Talkers and scan the QR code on the back to create your personal “Talkers Space” on Twitter. Share the QR code to invite others to the conversation.

Want to also inspire others? Share a short clip of your talk by using the hashtag #TalkersSpace

Walk the walk, Talk the talk

Walkers will install pop-up vending machines that enable you to share your REAL feelings anonymously in exchange for a free bag of Talkers. The activation will be available around high foot traffic areas in London. Walkers will share the collected responses on social to encourage others to face their true feelings and start talking about them.

Be Part of The Talk

Be part of the change, use your humor to help others who are struggling with mental wellbeing.

Walkers will extend its partnership with Comic Relief to allow you to work on jokes, conversation prompts, or funny TikTok videos with your friends.

Just scan the QR code on each Talkers bag and submit your jokes. Or make your videos on your preferred social media platforms and tag #Talkers. Walkers will share your submissions on our social platforms and add selected conversation prompts to our Talkers products.

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