Shaping the future of royalty collection

The Symptom

The current music royalty collection process poses significant challenges, proving excessively complex and inefficient, particularly for individual artists seeking fair compensation.

The Insight

Nothing feels better than having someone else do the royalty detective work for you - get that cash without the headache.

The Therapy

Mufi is the only royalty collector you need – no more negotiating chaos with managers, labels, publishers, or societies.

Dynamic services with centralized platform design

The Mufi Wallet Beta streamlines NFTs and digital assets alongside royalty statements, fostering secure information flow among stakeholders. While the "Neighboring Rights Collection" optimizes artist repertoire, delivering top-notch administrative services. led user research and testing to ensure a user-friendly platform. Additionally, we played a pivotal role in art directing the website design and branding materials, contributing to a cohesive and engaging brand experience.

Other Sessions